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Why our product is better than others?


Body Fat Burner is a unique product, which activity depends only on natural and safe components. Our products are exhibiting highest standards of safe supplementation, which allows them to be sold in European Union. They are produced in certified laboratories working using HACCP and GMP procedures. Body Empire’s® burner is a safe and especially effective solution – it allows to burn 750kcal in 24h included in mild physical exercise.

Fat burners or commonly used thermogenics are dietary supplements, which are especially useful in processes of fat tissue reduction, independently whether, the goal is to attend a sport event or casual regaining of so called shape after vacation and others.

Many people regardless of advancement and intensity of their trainings more commonly are looking for, not only effective, but also safe measures. With the development of the fitness industry, the awareness and experience of people training professionally, as well as amateurs’ increases. Increasing knowledge of people active physically delivers the higher demand for products, which are safe to use. Mentioned almost every producer of fat burners declares safety, nevertheless many of these products contain mainly highly processed ingredients of moderate effectiveness and undoubtedly showing adverse effects on human body. It was proved, that long term use of such highly processed products, in extreme cases, negatively influences nervous system, hormone balance, or for example, heart functioning. Many people are unaware of their health condition, what is understood at all, because not everyone does check-ups every 6 months, because of their high cost. Due to this, it’s hard to assess our state of health before and after supplementation. That raises the question, how should we effectively reduce fat tissue without putting the well-being of our organism to harmful and irreversible changes in its functioning? It is commonly known that what Mother Nature has to offer, has a greater beneficial effect on human body, than products obtained through chemical processes. That’s why natural products are so valuable. One of these is the Body Fat Burner, which composition is based totally on extracts acquired from natural ingredients.


What is thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis, in other words, means “generation of heat”, due to this thermogenics can be called heat-generating substances. Their main goal is to stimulate the nervous system and fat metabolism, and thanks to that, more intensive training is enabled. Human organism in order to work needs energetic substrates, from which it is able to synthesise ATP. The mentioned substrates in humans are fats and carbohydrates. Proportions of acquired energy from mentioned sources are restricted to longevity and intensity of the training. Muscles, liver and hypodermic fat tissue are the places of energy storage.

In human organism, carbohydrates are stored in form of glycogen and its exact localizations are muscles and liver. Apart from carbohydrates in human body there are much bigger assets of fat, which can serve as an energy source for many days. It’s a kind of safety measure of our organism protecting from famine, which was developed by millions of years of evolution.


In what way the fat is metabolised in human organism?

In trainings consisting of prevalent effort and low intensity, human body gains energy in major from fatty acids. Nonetheless, there’s no such event in which fat is the only source of energy. Moreover increase of workout intensity immediately engages carbohydrate processing, limiting the metabolism of fats. It’s worth mentioning, that carbohydrates, as a limited source of energy are vital element in functioning of the brain, erythrocytes and muscles during intensive workout. That is why, it is important to allow the organism to acquire energy from fats. The challenges in fat metabolism are, among others, their delivery to mitochondria of muscle cells and the process of fatty acids oxidation. In the latter one, organism requires systematic exercises increasing stamina.


What if the workouts alone aren’t enough?

In that case, Body Fat Burner is also a valuable choice, which by advanced synergy of included thermogenics, as mentioned before, allows boosting the stimulation of fatty acids metabolism, which can be observed in fat tissue reduction. Thanks to Body Fat Burner the tempo of fat particles dissolution increases. If the physical exercises are added, the process of fat tissue reduction is becoming more effective. Nevertheless, the principle of Body Fat Burner as a composition of natural thermogenics – is the fact, that it intensifies fat burning even without physical exercises. It’s due to the fact that, burners influence causes the delivery of more fat dissolution products to muscles, what in consequence causes the stimulation of muscle fibres to work without our consciousness (so called: Thermogenic tremor). Body Fat Burner activates secretion of adrenalin and noradrenalin, hGh and glucagon, which elevates the level of cAMP in fat cells, which is a signal launching many processes responsible for fat dissolution. That is the reason why, after ingesting thermogenics mild tremors and shivers can be felt. Such phenomenon can be also present in hypothermia. As a safety measure – to hold the temperature of our body, it elevates thermogenesis through secreting noradrenalin from the sympathetic nerves’ ends in fat tissue. Result of this is that, our muscles are forced to work, which causes the shivers.


How should a proper fat burner be composed?

A good fat burner, to deliver results, and simultaneously do no harm – should be composed of properly selected, natural ingredients. The most important when choosing the burner should be our health and safety, that’s why so vital should be reaching for as natural and unprocessed ingredients as possible in our supplements. The example of such product is Body Empire’s® Body Fat Burner, which activity is dictated by natural and safe components, delivering the highest standards of safe supplementation.