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Why Body Fat Burner?

100% SAFE

Meets the standards of safe supplementation allowing it to be sold in European Union. It is manufactured in certified laboratories, working with procedures like HACCP and GMP. Keeping in mind the healthiness of our clients we bet only on Mother Nature, and that’s the reason our products are 100% safe. Due to the composition of only natural components Body Fat Burner has no artificially processed, and harmful ingredients. Moreover, Body Fat Burner can be used by all healthy people. One of the few elementary contraindications is cardiovascular disease. In that case, before ingesting our product one should consult a doctor.


Body Fat Burner allows to burn even 750kcal in 24h when included in mild physical workout. Used regularly achieved results are phenomenal. All of these are due to 15 unique active compounds, which synergistic activity leads to accelerated fat tissue burning. Our burner also influences the hypodermic water removal (diuresis). This issue is very important, because the build-up of additional water in our organism is responsible for additional kilograms. Furthermore, taking Body Fat Burner stimulates thermogenesis, which means it accelerates metabolism (through heat production). Fat tissue burning undergoes much faster in comparison to the case with no supplementation. Another valuable characteristic of our burner is a positive influence on efficiency of workouts. Ingesting Body Fat Burner before physical exercise enhances stamina and allows to elevating workout dynamics. That’s why our product belongs to the group of basic dietary supplements used by athletes focused on fat tissue reduction.


Before releasing to the market, Body Empire’s® products are being strictly tested in independent laboratories. Body Fat Burner was created with the use of only natural, which equals safe, components. One capsule stands for unique composition of unprocessed plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. The most important ones are among others: chilli pepper, caffeine, green tea, vitamin D, gurmar, artichoke, fennel, nettle and chromium. Thanks to the chromium presence our burner significantly decreases sweet cravings. Additionally sudden hungers are eliminated, which remarkably accelerates the burning of fat tissue. What is more, thanks to the caffeine, fatty acids are released, and then their burning happens.

Natural components

Body Empire’s burner is a unique composition of natural components, which synergistic effect has a great influence on reduction of additional kilograms.

No yo-yo effect

Body Empire’s® burner allows not only to effectively burn fat tissue, but also improves metabolism and due to this fact there is no yo-yo effect afterwards.