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Training – Introduction to the cycle of articles. What is it? Is it really necessary?

In Body Empire, we believe, that proper diet and physical activity are the key to healthy state of the body and mind. It is obvious that, everyone wants to be healthy, but not every person can care for his health all by himself. Today, we will take a closer look at training.


What is training?

PTraininghysical sport training is a process, in which the participant gradually exhibits his or her organism to increasing strains. The goal of progressive increase of the strain is correcting the main motor functions – such as endurance, speed, power and strength, as well as, better movement coordination, dexterity or suppleness. One can’t talk about progress in achievements of sportsmen without their training of proper movement habits.


How to define training people?

Independently, if the person has holistic view and approach to training or not, the people training professionally or amateurishly can be easily, to an extent, categorised.

The first category consists of people, whose main goal is to correct the abilities of their bodies. For example, a runner trains to run faster, a jumper to jump higher, boxer to achieve greater speed, movement coordination etc. All in all, the goal of the trainings is bettering the motor abilities. The composition and mass of the body, fat percentage or muscle mass are also important aspects, but also secondary, because they are the result of diet and training aimed to improve results, not looks.

Easily predictable – another category will be the professionals or amateurs, whose main goal of training is shaping their silhouettes. In this case, improved motor skills will be the result of training aimed at the size and shape of muscles and body fat percentage. Less relevant will be, how high the person jumps or how fast he or she runs.

Certainly, one cannot talk about perfect silhouette without, for example: suppleness, as well as one cannot talk about phenomenal achievements of strongmen without properly built and strong muscles. It is worth mentioning, that the above stated issue is very simplified and it is hard to clearly classify the sport disciplines to one category, excluding it from the other.


Where to seek help?

Training with someoneWhat is commonly known, professional athletes are working with their trainers, dieticians, psychologists, who lead them to the top. Amateurishly training people have to face a much harder task, because they need to seek knowledge and support on their own. That is why, the goal of this article is introducing you to the world of physical activity in a way, that your choice of proper training will be much more conscious.

As goes the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” (Mens sana in corpore sano). That is why; it is worth investing a few hours a week into training, to be able to cherish a beautiful body and healthiness all life. However, how to be sure what to train? The following articles will help you find your own path to beautiful and dreamed silhouette.


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