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What is your body type? – Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?

Your friend eats double portion of ice cream for breakfast every day, pizza for dinner and chocolate for dessert and she still looks like a model from the cover of a magazine. You stick to your diet each day, resign from your sweet cravings, sweat last drop of water from your body in the gym and still cannot see any effects? The guilty part here is the body structure and the body figure. Some people have a tendency to gain weight and fat tissue while others quickly gain muscles even though they do not have strict diet. Let’s look closer at 3 most important body types.



EctomorphEctomorphs are slim, with a petite body shape and an attenuate figure. They also have long limbs and narrow arms due to the small bone circumference. Seemingly, you may think that it is a desirable body type, but this is not entirely legitimate. It is true that ectomorphs have a naturally accelerated metabolism and it is recommended for them to consume large amount of calories, but they should not come from junk food, sweets and sugary beverages. Such unhealthy diet will not cause a sudden increase in weight, but the silhouette will not be perfect. Such person can then be described as ‘skinny fat’, i.e. you have got fat, but it is not visible on the small body.

Ectomorphs have far harder time achieving the desired effects and then maintain them. Muscles gained from really hard work will not last long without sticking to a diet and regular training.



Endomorphs have definitely the most difficult life. Massive construction and thick bones characterise their silhouette. It is much more difficult for them to hide the imperfections under clothing in comparison to the ectomorphs, and also they often struggle with persistent overweight. This is due to slow metabolism and a high tendency to gain weight. Fat deposition occurs mainly in the area of abdomen and internal organs, which increases the likelihood of developing diabetes, metabolic syndrome and circulatory system diseases. The yo-yo effect is also not an ally here.

Of course, achieving the dreamed figure by the endomorph is also difficult, but not impossible. With appropriate determination and motivation as well as regular training and a healthy diet, you can overcome this genetic obstacle.



MesomorphThis is the most desirable body type and unfortunately the least frequently occurring. Mesomorphs have a muscular, proportional figure, with a lot of muscle and minimal amount of fat tissue. To maintain and develop muscles, as well as to maintain a correct figure, they should stick to a diet based primarily on protein and carbohydrates.

Mesomorphs are born athletes. It is very easy for them to achieve the intended effects that are long lasting. They can also train very hard without worrying about regeneration of their body. However, despite excellent genetic predispositions, mesomorphs must remember about healthy diet and training in order to prevent muscle loss. Consequence and self-discipline is the key to success and an impressive figure that others will admire.

Let us remember that none of us is a ‘pure’ one hundred percent ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph. Most people have a mixed body type, for example, they have a muscular silhouette but at the same time they easily gain fat. We must realise that our genetic conditioning is a secondary issue in the fight for the dreamed-of figure. The most important thing is a reasonable approach, persistence and determination in pursuing the goal.

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