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I. General Provisions and Definitions

1. These Regulations set out the rules for using the online shop available at www.bodyempire.co.uk.
2. Each customer should read this Terms and Conditions.
3. The online shop at www.bodyempire.co.uk is owned by BODY EMPIRE LTD.
4. These Regulations specify in particular:

      – rules of registration and use of the account within this online shop,
      – terms and conditions for placing orders electronically within the online store,
      – conditions and method of delivery.

5. Definitions:

      1. Shop – The online shop operated by the Seller, located at www.bodyempire.co.uk.
      2. Seller – BODY EMPIRE LTD, CRN: 06980700, registered 04/08/2009, at 24 Greenfield Road, London, N15 5EP.
      3. Consumer – a natural person (aged 18 and over) entering into a contract with a Seller within the online shop who is not directly related to her business or profession.
      4. Customer – any entity making purchases through the online Shop.
      5. Sale Agreement – the contract of sale of the Product concluded electronically between the Customer and the Seller through the Shop on the terms and conditions contained in the Regulations.
      6. Order – a statement of will of the Customer submitted using the Order Form and aimed directly at the conclusion of the Seller Agreement with the Seller.
      7. Account – a customer account in the Shop, storing the information provided by the Customer and information about the orders placed in the Shop.
      8. Registration form – a form available at the Shop to create an Account.
      9. Order Form – an interactive form available at the Shop enabling you to place an Order, in particular by adding the Products to your Basket and defining the terms of the Sale Agreement, including delivery and payment.
      10. Goods or Products – goods sold in the online shop, which are included in the Seller’s offer.
      11. Shopping Cart – a component of the Shop software, which shows the products selected by the Customer for purchase, enabling the Order data to be determined and modified, in particular the quantity of products.
      12. Product – a movable item available in the Shop that is the subject of the Sale Agreement between the Customer and the Seller.
      13. Terms and Conditions – these shop regulations.

II. General information

1. All products offered in the online shop are new and have no defects. Detailed description of the Goods can be found on the shop page.
2. Seller in the fullest extent permitted by law shall not be liable for any interruption in the functioning of the Shop due to force majeure, unauthorized acts of third parties or incompatibility of the Online Shop with Customer’s technical infrastructure.
3. Browsing the Shop assortment does not require an Account to be created. Placement of orders by the Customer for the Products in the assortment of the Shop is possible either after the establishment of the Account or by providing the necessary personal and address data to enable the Order without an Account.
4. The prices quoted in the Shop are in British Pounds and are gross (including VAT).
5. The final amount to be paid by the Customer shall consist of the price of the Product and the cost of delivery (including transport, delivery and postal fees), to which the Customer is informed on the Shop pages during the Order submission process, including the moment of expressing the will to tie up the Sales Agreement.
6. Internet shop gives you the opportunity to use the Newsletter. Newsletter is a service that Body Empire sends to the user provided by this service with an email address for e-mail messages containing product information, current promotions and news from the Knowledge Base. To start using the service, proceed as follows:

      – on the bodeyempire.co.uk website in the Newsletter subscribe form, enter your e-mail address,
      – confirm that you are familiar with these regulations by ticking the box labelled “I have read and agree to the newsletter regulations”,
      – confirm your email address by clicking “SUBSCRIBE”,
      – click on the link provided in the registration mail confirming the registration. Clicking on the link in the registration email is tantamount to signing the Newsletter service agreement.

7. Technical requirements
To use the Shop, including reviewing the Shop’s assortment and submitting Product Orders, you will need: Internet access, e-mail, and a web browser; active email account (e-mail); Cookies enabled; Flash Player installed.
8. Setting up an account

      1) To sign up for an Account in the Online Shop, you must complete the Registration Form. To do this, you must provide the following information: name, current address, telephone number, e-mail address.
      2) Account creation in the store is free.
      3) By entering the data (login and password) established in the Registration Form, you will Login to the Account.
      4) The Customer has the ability to remove the Account at any time, without giving any reason and without charge, by sending an appropriate request to the Seller, in particular by e-mail.

9. Order
To place an order:

      1) Select the Product that is the subject of the Order, and then click the “Add to Basket” button.
      2) Click ‘’View Basket’’ button.
      3) If all wanted products are in the basket, click ‘’Proceed to Checkout’’ button.
      4) Log in or use the opportunity to submit an Order without registration.
      5) If you were able to submit an Order without registration, fill in the Order Form by entering the details of the Order Recipient and the Delivery Address if different from the Billing Address, select the type of shipment. Tick ‘’I’ve read and accept the Shop Regulations’’ box.
      6) Click the “Place an Order” button and confirm your order by clicking on the link sent in the email.
      7) Payment by electronic means 7 days’ time duration.

10. Methods of delivery and payment.

      1) The Customer may use the following method of delivery of the ordered Products:
      UK orders – Home Delivery standard – £3.95
      Free Delivery on all orders over £50!
      2) The customer can use the following payment method:
      – payment by bank transfer to Seller’s account,

11. Conclusion and performance of the contract of sale

      1) The conclusion of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Seller is made after the Customer submits the Order using the Order Form in the Internet Shop in accordance with these Regulations.
      2) Once the Order is placed, the Seller immediately confirms receipt of the Order and simultaneously accepts the Order for execution. Confirmation of receipt of the Order and its acceptance is effected by sending the Customer an appropriate email to the Customer’s e-mail address provided during the Order, which contains at least the Seller’s statement of receipt of the Order and its acceptance for execution and confirmation of conclusion of the Sale Agreement. Upon receipt of the above email, the Customer agrees to the sale agreement between the Customer and the Seller.
      3) Delivery of the Product takes place in the UK.
      4) Delivery of the Product to the Customer is payable unless the Sales Contract provides otherwise. Product delivery costs (including shipping, delivery and postage) are indicated to the Customer on the Website of the Online Shop in the tab during the Order submission process, including when Customer expresses his will to be bound by the Sales Agreement.
      5) Customer’s receipt of the Product is free of charge.

12. Cancellation Rights

      1) If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us.
      2) If, for whatever reason, you wish to cancel your order you can do so at any time before you receive the products or within 14 days from delivery.
      3) If you do want to cancel your order please do so in writing by emailing: info@bodyempire.co.uk
      4) If you do decide to cancel your order we will refund the price of the products but you will be responsible for the cost of returning the products unless a product was delivered to you by mistake.
      5) All products from the cancelled order must be returned unopened with the seals still intact, to the address shown on the original invoice. We recommend that you use a recorded-delivery service.

13. Complaints and warranty

      1) In the event of a defect purchased from the Seller of the goods, the Customer has the right to complain based on the provisions of the Civil Code.
      2) Complaints must be submitted electronically to the Seller’s address provided in these Terms and Conditions.
      3) It is recommended that in the complaint include, among others. A brief description of the defect, the circumstances (including the date of its occurrence), the details of the complaining customer and the customer’s request for the defect of the goods.
      4) The Seller will respond to the claim without delay, no later than 14 days, and if he fails to do so within this period, the Customer is deemed to have justified the claim.

14. Data Protection

      1) To ensure our customers confidentiality Body Empire® is using SSL protocol which provide security over internet communication.

        2) Body Empire® manages the personal data collected through the online shop®.
        3) Body Empire® is committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 1998.
        4) You have the right to be informed as to whether and to what extent your personal data is processed, as well as information on the purpose and scope of processing that data.
        5) You have the right to access and correct your personal data.
        6) Personal data collected by the Body Empire® through the Online Shop are collected for the purpose of the performance of the Sales Contract, and if the Customer agrees to do so – also for marketing purposes.

15. Cookies
What is Cookie?
A Cookie or HTTP cookie, browser cookie or web cookie is a small piece of data that websites placed and stored on your hard drive or web browser while you are browsing that website. Use of cookies is common practice and most websites use them and most web browsers automatically accept cookies. Cookies can’t carry any viruses and can’t install malicious software.
Use of Cookies
BodyEmpire.co.uk use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. On our website we use cookies to collect standard analyses in order to increase the efficiency and quality of our website. We want to improve the use of our website when you browse it, so we need to collect some information about how visitors use our website.
Because Cookies are typically stored on your computer’s web browser by default, you may want to disable cookies on your web browser from being stored in your computer for privacy reasons, or to free up space on your hard drive. You can delete cookies as often as you want. To find out how to delete cookies from your browser you can go to “help” on your browser’s menu or you can find how to do it on the Internet.

III. Final Provisions

1) The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations for important reasons: changes in the law, changes in payment methods and deliveries – to the extent that these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations. The Seller will notify Customer at least 7 days in advance of any change.
2) In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of UK law apply.