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Wide range of Body Empire’s® products includes everything you need to achieve perfect and healthy looking skin, hair and nails and also beautiful silhouette. The thought, which has been guiding us since the beginning, is the belief that everyone deserves to have beautiful silhouette, healthy and smooth skin and also healthy beautiful hair and nails, which are synonyms of beauty and broadly understood physical attractiveness. Our comprehensive range of best quality products is addressed to all people who are not indifferent health and appearance. With Body Empire’s® products you will be able to take care of your health and body perfectly and the results will be visible after a short time. The results of our cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and dietary supplements are proved by tests.

Our formulas achieve highest standards of safe supplementation and usage, so they can be sold in EU. They are produced in certified laboratories, which incorporate HACCP and GMP procedures. The highest quality of manufacturing comes with selection of the best and natural components.



Body Empire® supplements were created for physically active, consciously taking care of their health and body, valuing natural products of highest quality.

Augmenting your diet with Body Empire® products:
– You’re delivering essential nutrients and vitamins;

– You’re enhancing proper functioning of immune and nervous system;

– You’re shaping you silhouette;

– You’re burning even 750 kcal additionally in 24h with mediocre physical activity;

– You’re accelerating your metabolism, enhancing the process of slimming and maintaining proper body weight;

– You’re protecting your body from yo-yo effect;

– You’re improving the condition of your hair, nails and skin;

– You’re supporting your bones and teeth;

– You’re protecting your organism from damaging free radicals;

– You’re maintaining proper blood sugar level, which eliminates sudden hungers (especially for sweet foods);

– You’re contributing to healthy gut functioning;

– You’re stalling the process of aging;

– You’re efficiently fighting cellulite;

– You’re lowering the level of harmful LDL cholesterol and elevating the level of good HDL cholesterol;


Natural Vitamin C100% Natural Vitamin C

NATURAL VITAMIN C is a supplement complementing everyday diet with vitamin C. Source of vitamin C, in this product, is wild rose fruit extract, which makes it 100% natural. One capsule of Natural Vitamin C is even 630 mg of vitamin, which is a unique and unattainable quality, unachievable in other products. Regular vitamin C ingesting influences the proper functioning of digestive system, reduces the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness, enhances immune system and maintains proper energy metabolism.

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Body Fat BurnerBody Fat Burner

Dietary supplement Body Fat Burner consists of unique combination of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, selected in a way, to support organism during the process of losing weight. Body Fat Burner is, as much as 15 active compounds, which contribute to fat tissue burning and lower the appetite for sweets. In the composition there are, for example: capsaicin, artichoke, gurmar, fennel, green tea, horsetail, chromium, guarana. With regular ingesting of Body Empire® burner it is possible to burn even 750 kcal in 24h. Synergistic activity of its ingredients has an enormous influence on losing weight. Body Fat Burner was created for physically active people, which take care of their health and silhouette.

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Body ReBeauty

Body ReBeauty is a dietary supplement and nutricosmetic in one, which is a result of biotechnologists’ work Body ReBeautyon fish collagen products. Body ReBeauty stalls the process of aging, having a beneficial effect on organism functioning. It consists of variety of valuable components like: Fish Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, Selenium, Zinc, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Omega 3 family, especially: EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Additionally, the composition was enriched with vitamins: A, E and D. Using Body ReBeauty you’re stalling the process of aging of tissue, strengthening hair, skin and nails and also nourishing your skin from the inside.

Dietary Supplement Body ReBeauty is a Sensational product.

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Anti-Cellulite Slimming Serum

Collagen SerumSerum from Body Empire® Collagen Line is extremely helpful in fighting a common problem, which is cellulite – skin defect present in over 95% percent of adult women. In contrast to common opinion, cellulite appears not only in case of obesity, but also in skinny people.

Substances present in its composition were selected to stimulate fat decomposition in adipose cells (lipolysis) and promote microcirculation in the area. Thanks to our anti-cellulite serum, you’re encouraging fat decomposition and slowing down the formation of new adipose cells and inhibiting their growth. Anti-Cellulite Slimming Serum is a high class, effective cosmetic, which with systematic usage delivers vast array of benefits.

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Cosmetics & Dermo cosmetics

Body Empire® offers cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics, acknowledged in the world, what distinguishes them is their safety in usage and astonishing effectiveness. Body Empire® formulas are cosmetics dedicated to people, who suffer from multiple skin changes, troubling with rosacea, acne cause by bacterial infection, sensitive and atopic skin.

We are offering two lines of products, rich in various cosmetics.

Collagen Line: Anti-Cellulite Slimming Serum, BioActive Collagen, Eye Contour Elixir, Moisturising Cream (Day), Regenerating Cream (Night), Ultra-Moisturising Body Balm, Scrub.

Rosacea Line: Acne Treatment, Antibacterial Tonic, Deep Facial Cleanser, Gentle Facial Cleanser, Serum, Make-Up Remover, Oil Free Make-Up Remover.