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1. These Regulations set up the rules for using the Newsletter service.

2. The Newsletter service is provided by:
        24 Greenfield Road
        N15 5EP
        Also referred as: Body Empire®

3. The Newsletter Service consists in sending by Body Empire® the following information: product information, current promotions, events, contests and news from the Knowledge Base on provided by user email address.

4. By entering into the Body Empire® Newsletter service agreement, the user has provided his email address on the registration form in order to receive the email messages referred to above.

5. Newsletter is a free service provided for an indefinite period of time.

6. To use the Newsletter service, you must have Internet access and an e-mail address, but you do not need to meet specific technical requirements other than having a standard operating system and a standard web browser.

7. To start using the service, proceed as follows:

        – on the bodeyempire.co.uk website in the Newsletter subscribe form, enter your e-mail address,
        – confirm that you are familiar with these regulations by ticking the box labelled “I have read and agree to the newsletter regulations”,
        – confirm your email address by clicking “SUBSCRIBE”,
        – click on the link provided in the registration mail confirming the registration. Clicking on the link in the registration email is tantamount to signing the Newsletter service agreement.

8. As part of the Newsletter service, Body Empire® is sent electronic letter to the e-mail address provided by the user.

9. The administrator of the personal data provided to you through the use of the Newsletter service is Body Empire®.

10. Body Empire® is committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 1998.

11. You have the right to be informed as to whether and to what extent your personal data is processed, as well as information on the purpose and scope of processing that data.

12. You have the right to access and correct your personal data.

13. You may terminate your agreement to use the Newsletter without indicating the reason. Termination has immediate effect.

14. To terminate the contract:

        – click the “Cancel Subscription” link in the footer of the email and confirm the decision,
        – send a message to info@bodyempire.co.uk expressing the will to terminate the contract.

15. Body Empire® reserves the right to change the Regulations.

16. User will be informed by Body Empire® about any changes of content of the Regulations via website or in the notice of the amendment of the Regulations, containing a statement of changes to the Regulations. This information will remain on the site for a minimum of 14 consecutive calendar days. By changing the Regulations, you will be notified via the Newsletter service to the e-mail address provided at registration, with information on the changes to the Regulations. Informing about the amendment of the Regulations will take place no later than 14 calendar days before the amendments to the Regulations.

17. Changes to the Regulations come into force on the date stated with the change, but not earlier than within 14 days of publication of the Regulations.

18. The revised Regulations apply to the user, if user does not wish to terminate the Newsletter service within 14 days of publication

19. While using the Newsletter service, it is forbidden to provide, in particular in correspondence with Body Empire® or in the registration form, any unlawful content.

20. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of UK law apply.