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One capsule of our product holds up to 630 mg of vitamin C!
It’s the highest dose of 100% natural vitamin C available on our market.

Proper functioning of digestive system

Reduces the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness

Boosts immune system

Maintains proper energy metabolism

Powdered extract of wild rose used in our product:

Protects our cells from oxidative stress,

Has beneficial effect on our immune system,

Helps to maintain healthy, elastic, mobile joints,

Maintains proper functioning of urinary tract,

Provides healthy functioning of respiratory and digestive system,

Enhances wound healing of skin and mucous membranes.


Vitamin C

The role of vitamin C in human organism can’t be stressed enough. Unfortunately humans belong to the small group of mammals, which were deprived of ability to synthesise it in the liver. That’s why supplementing the proper dose of it through our digestive system is so important.

The most beneficial way of delivering vitamin C to human organism is through food. If it’s not possible, the most rational way is through supplementation of vitamin C acquired from natural plant extracts, such as in the case of NATURAL VITAMIN C Body Empire®.

NATURAL VITAMIN C Body Empire® is a 100% natural product. In one gram of the extract there is as much as 700 mg of pure, and most importantly natural vitamin C. Natural vitamin C in comparison to the synthetic one is not only easier to absorb for the human body, but also it’s up to five times more active.

Natural vitamin C has enormous prevalence over synthetic form due to the fact, that it can’t be overdosed.

The more advised is to look for natural sources of vitamin C and from them gain benefits for the human body. There’s a plenty of them.

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Wild rose, from which Natural Vitamin C is composed also hold valuable polyphenols. They exhibit antioxidative properties, reacting directly with free radicals and prevent or enhance enzyme functioning.

Wild rose, apart from vitamin C, holds carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins: B1, B2, B3, PP, A, E and K. It also is a source of minerals: phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and microelements: iron, copper, manganese and zinc.

Choosing Body Empire’s®
100% NATURAL VITAMIN C, you can be sure, that:

  • The product is 100% natural;
  • It’s far more effective than synthetic form of vitamin C;
  • Product was manufactured in EU in certified laboratory, working in the HACCP and GMP system;
  • One package hold as much as 37,8g of pure, and most importantly natural vitamin C;
  • You’re delivering high quality vitamin C to your organism through one capsule;
  • You’re delivering it in a way closest to nature.

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Benefits of regular supplementation of
100% NATURAL VITAMIN C Body Empire®

  • Protection of the DNA coding proteins and also lipids from oxidative stress;
  • Contribution to healthy functioning of nervous system;
  • Helps to maintain proper psychological functions;
  • Treating and preventing anemia;
  • Helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness;
  • Elimination of free radicals (vitamin C is one of the most important anti-oxidants);
  • Contributes to proper production of collagen (as a consequence beautiful, healthy and elastic skin);
  • Vitamin E regeneration;
  • Anti-bacterial function;
  • Encourages the proper functioning of immune system during intensive physical exercise and during recovery;
  • Increases iron absorption;
  • Helps to maintain proper immune system functioning;
  • Maintains proper energy metabolism;
  • Removal of toxins from the organism (including lead, mercury, nickel and environment pollution).


  • Wild rose – real vitamin bomb,
    contains up to 2000-3500 mg of vitamin C
    in 100 g of the fruits
  • Acerola – 1400-2500 mg/100 g,
  • Blackcurrant – 180-400 mg/100 g,
  • Red pepper – 144 mg/100 g,
  • Brussels sprouts – 94 mg/100 g,
  • Strawberry – 68 mg/100 g,
  • Kiwi – 59 mg/100 g,
  • Orange – 50 mg/100 g,
  • Cabbage – 45 mg/100 g,
  • Lemon – 53 mg/100 g.

We can clearly see, that lemon, which was known for being the best source of vitamin C, is not as great as advertised. In comparison to wild rose it contains small amount of vitamin C in 100g of the fruit. Additionally wild rose contains lots of mineral elements and other vitamins, which make this fruit so special.

Good to know

On the market of dietary supplements we can most frequently find synthetic form of vitamin C – synthetic L-ascorbic acid. On average it is acquired from corn, which naturally has no vitamin C in its content at all. Knowing that, we should consider what chemical processes must be conducted on the plant, to finally synthesise L-ascorbic acid – the synthetic form of vitamin C.

Natural vitamin C has enormous prevalence over synthetic form due to the fact, that it can’t be overdosed.

Vitamin in synthetic form (synthetic L-ascorbic acid) has no bio-flavonoid bonds, so delivered in bigger amount can have a negative impact on our organism, for example: increase the acidity of digestive system, provoking our organism to its quick removal by causing diarrhoea. It rapidly transfers to blood elevating its concentration to abnormal values. Organism tries to lower this level as soon as possible, filtrating in kidneys, which results in its excretion with urine, without absorption by the cells. Additionally, its high concentration in urine can have an influence on kidney stones formation.
In that kind of situation, even when high doses are delivered, the absorption level in cells is very low.

Too big concentration of synthetic vitamin C in human organism may cause:

  • ➢ Stomach aches,
  • ➢ Nausea,
  • ➢ Diarrhoea,
  • ➢ Vomiting,
  • ➢ Skin lesion,
  • ➢ Heartburns,
  • ➢ Bleeding gums and teeth abnormalities,
  • ➢ Blood vessels degradation.

Looking for natural sources of vitamin C is most advised. One should gain its benefits, which can be delivered by NATURAL VITAMIN C Body Empire®.