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Zinc – one of the most essential human micronutrients

What spectrum of action does zinc have?

Zinc is important for the health and appearance of hair, scalp and nailsApart from anti-oxidative activity, increasing immune abilities and defensive in energy production, Zinc has influence on every basic life processes. It is one of the most needed microelements and component of proteins, because it acts as a coenzyme – active centre of around 300 various enzymes, especially conducting the most important metabolic transformations (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). It is also a vital element of intracellular regulation, creating active elements of molecules (so called zinc fingers). Zinc also affects proper growth and body development, blood cells formation, bone mineralisation, functioning of immune system, proper insulin secretion by spleen, functioning of thymus and prostate, blood pressure and heart rate regulation, wound healing, Vitamin A or cholesterol concentration. It allows proper functioning of majority of senses. It improves intellectual ability, prevents dementia and partly depression. It soothes symptoms of autoimmune diseases, prostate diseases, osteoporosis, haemorrhoids, bowel inflammation, peptic ulcer disease, rosacea, acne, burns, eczema, colds, flu, conjunctivitis, tinea or other infections, and also protects macula of retina from malformation and lowers the feeling of ringing ears. Zinc is also important in health and look of hair, head skin and nails. Dandruff is also developed in case of Zinc deficiencies.

Zinc excess occurs rarely, more usual are its deficiencies, because foods that are rich in that element are eaten too seldom: oysters, fishes, pollard, sprouts, nuts and egg yolk.
Its supplementation enables proper processing of proteins such as – Collagen, also Fatty Acids, including Omega-3, that is why it is a very important element making Body ReBeautty a perfectly composed entirety.


Hair loss is one of the consequences of zinc deficiencyWhat are the symptoms of zinc deficiency?

  • Hair loss;
  • Acceleration of aging process;
  • Various skin diseases (eczema, stretch marks, dry skin);
  • Wound healing disorders;
  • Decrease of immune system.
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