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Vitamin E – fertility vitamin with a wide effect

Why we need vitamin E?

Vitamin EVitamin E is essential in many important metabolic processes allowing the functioning of many enzymes including production of proteins. However its most important feature is acting against damage caused by free radicals – harmful oxidizing agents occurring in every cell of the organism. Many antioxidants act in water solutions, as for example: Vitamin C or glutathione, Vitamin E acts in lipid substances (fats). It is a strong antioxidant defending the unsaturated Fatty Acids (EFA) and membrane creating phospholipids from oxidising. Due to this, it is necessary in the whole organism, especially in frequently proliferating cells, i.e. skin cells. Its deficiency can also be responsible for neurological disorders developed due to the oxidation of nervous cells’ membranes or other neurodegenerative processes in the brain, which intensifies in aging. Vitamin E, due to its anti-oxidizing activity, also helps in defending the red blood cells (erythrocytes), which transport oxygen to every cell of the body. Oxidation of fatty acids of erythrocyte cell membranes leads to their accelerated “aging” and malformation. Vitamin E, protecting red blood cells, simultaneously improves the breathing process of other cells and contributes to proper functioning and maintaining high efficiency of the muscles. It also promotes production of anticoagulants, what lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases development. It acts synergistically with Vitamins A and C and also carotenoids lowering the risk of cancer occurrence and improves the functioning of immune system. In Vitamin E deficiency the risk of atherosclerosis and cataract development is also elevated. Moreover, Vitamin E accelerates building of new tissue after burns or cuts, protects from harmful effects of UVB radiation and also prevents cramping in calves caused by weak circulation and reduces unpleasant symptoms of menopause.


Where to find vitamin E

Body Empire Body ReBeautyIn Body ReBeauty, Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate, the form of vitamin E exhibiting high biological activity and strong anti-oxidative properties. Vitamin E also has big influence during the synthesis of collagen in the organism. That is why, its supplementation with Collagen lyophilisate is so important.

Vitamin E fully deserves the name: “elixir of youth”. It delivers liveliness, vitality and energy and will to live. It also improves the look of the skin and protects from infertility. It is also important, that in synergy with Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc, it increases the synthesis of collagen.


What are the symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency?

  • Annoyance is one of the effects of vitamin E deficiencyKeratosis and premature aging of the skin;
  • Dry and damaged hair;
  • Agitation;
  • Impairment of concentration;
  • Digestive system diseases;
  • Metabolism disorders;
  • Heart and skeletal muscles damage;
  • Sight impairment;
  • Anemia;
  • Infertility;
  • Slowed wound healing.
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