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Vitamin D and its wide spectrum of activity

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin DEven though, it is considered as a part of the vitamins, it really is a hormone of really wide spectrum of activity. It has an effect on around 3,500 of our genes (we have around 18,000 of them) regulating most of important processes in the organism. The most important ones are immune processes, including anti-cancer ones (cancer risk is few times lower in people with high Vitamin D level) and also connected with regeneration. It launches “self-healing”, damage and abnormalities of the body repair, elevates mind activity and increases energy usage. Along with Vitamin A it co-acts in bone building and intensifies skin-rejuvenating effects. Vitamin D deficiencies switch the organism into state of frugality and to great extent block energy generating processes. Effects of this state highly reduce the activity of other active substances. Unfortunately, these deficiencies are very common today. Generally, the level of this vitamin is definitely too low. It is necessary to deliver this vitamin with diet (fish) or through supplementation.

Thanks to the presence of Vitamin D, Body ReBeauty acts more efficiently, using the whole strength of other components.


Vitamin D exhibits beneficial effect on:

  • Immune system;
  • Bone system;
  • Nervous and muscle system;
  • Reproductive system.
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