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Selenium – why is it important for the human body?

What is selenium?

supplementation of pregnant women with seleniumSelenium is a component of many important enzymes, i.e. producing thyroid hormones or the strongest among these removing free radicals. High level of selenium also protects tissues (especially very sensitive nervous cells of the brain!) from hypoxia. It augments immune system; its high level is especially vital during dangerous infectious diseases and during fighting cancer. It was proved that, cancer-developing probability was higher in groups exhibiting lower level of selenium in their organism, and its increase slows the progression of disease and helps in recuperation. Selenium protects the heart and many other organs, soothes cardiovascular diseases and decreases atherosclerosis and anemia. It prevents to great extent development of rheumatism and strongly soothes symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and many other inflammatory malformations. It helps in treatment of psychological disorders, depression, overstrain and excessive nervousness. Selenium also accelerates excretion of toxic elements from organism, including heavy metals. It soothes the symptoms of menopause and adds energy (a clear symptom of selenium deficiency is chronic fatigue), to some extent it prevent from dementia progression. It develops skin-protecting barrier, which defends the skin from harmful effects of sun, and it is also important for proper vision (i.e. along with Vitamin C counteracts cataract). Selenium is especially important regarding men fertility, because with its participation sperm is produced. Over half of selenium accumulates in testicles, prostate and sperm. Increased sexual activity creates the bigger demand for this element. However, proper delivery of selenium is also important in stages of foetal development (pregnant women supplementation) and in the first years of age, because in cases of deficiency, proper development of nervous system is impossible. Natural excess of selenium, all in all, is not occurring, because it is present in sufficient amount in only few foods: yeast, Brazilian nuts, dairy, fish, shellfish, and lesser amount in meat and pollard. Absorption of selenium from other food than yeast is limited and it drops drastically in the presence of in easily digested starch.

Synergistic effects of Selenium and Zinc together with Vitamin E contributes to delaying the process of aging and accelerating the regeneration of cells, including effective collagen synthesis and new cell formation. That is why Body ReBeauty contains all of these components.


cold is one of the consequences of selenium deficiencyWhat are the symptoms of selenium deficiency?

  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Frequent colds;
  • Muscle fatigue;
  • Skin inflammation and herpes;
  • Men infertility.
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