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Everything about collagen

The new invention of native fish collagen

The new invention of native fish collagenMany different cosmetics companies have been searching for improved Collagen formula for years. They wanted to discover a form of Collagen that would be biologically active and could easily penetrate through the epidermal protective barrier of human skin and which is capable of rebuilding collagen structures of protein mesh that is responsible for increasing skin’s tightness.

Great amount of money has been spent on experiments in biotechnological engineering, so that the word “Collagen” could mean something more than just a substance utilised in anti-wrinkle injections or “peptide carrion” obtained from calves’ necks, whose hydrolysates were added to various potions and creams.
However, the research conducted on bovine Collagen has soon proved to be very disappointing. This form of Collagen is not only incapable of penetrating the deeper layers of the skin, but also biologically inactive (in other words – dead). Furthermore, bovine Collagen was also suspected of being a possible carrier of BSE prions, and so by the end of the 20th century it lost its good name among cosmetologists.


The new collagen formula

Collagen Body EmpireNonetheless, for the past few years Collagen has been slowly returning to grace. Thanks to the constant progress in cosmetology and several new discoveries, we currently know that collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human organism.
The word Collagen is extremely buoyant in marketing these days, as this protein is responsible for some of the most significant things in our life such as: health, youth and beauty. For the first time in history, modern cosmetology and dermo-cosmetology have access to Collagen that is fully reliable and very effective.
The new kind of Collagen was obtained in Poland and it exhibits completely new qualities when compared to the previous pulp of fifth-rate non-woven. The new Collagen that you’ll find in Body Empire® cosmetics is a hydrate (an aqueous solution) of tertiary Collagen extracted from fish. The genius of this invention relies on capturing the unique moment at which the protein helices “jump” from the donor organism to solution. As a result, long after the remaining part of the fish is gone, its Collagen triple spiracles are well secured in a glass jar. Additionally they’re as fresh and alive as during the day when the fish has been caught.


How important is collagen to humans?

Collagen is the most important protein of the human organism. It constitutes about 30% of the total mass of proteins in the human body. In addition it is responsible for the elasticity, firmness and the appropriate level of skin’s hydration, as well as for the continuous renewal of its cells.
The condition of most of our body organs, immunity to diseases, as well as our expected lifespan, all directly depend on the quality of collagen in our system.
It is the main component of the fibre of the skin, tendons, cartilage, teeth and vessels. Collagen is present in the entire human body and it acts as the material that binds the cells.
It takes part in the functions’ life of nearly all systems, organs and tissues. With age, the human organism loses its capability of regaining lost collagen, which produces visible effects of deteriorating state of our skin.

Collagen deficiency leads to the following changes:

  • Defficiency od collagenSkin dryness
  • Discolouration
  • Cellulite
  • Wrinkles
  • Dull hair and nails
  • Loss of skin’s flexibility
  • Loss of skin’s elasticity
  • Skin loses its natural glow


Why other methods of collagen production have failed?

One of the methods of slowing down the skin’s ageing process caused by Collagen deficiency involves providing it with a different (external) source. The attempts of using at first synthetic and later bovine collagen in cosmetics and in implantology have initially failed to produce the desired effect. This was mostly caused by the fact that recently no biologically active Collagen with amino-acid chains identical to those of humans has ever been obtained before.

Invention of the fish Collagen hydration allows preserving the triple helix structure of this protein (usually found only in living organisms). Precisely at that time the real breakthrough has occurred.

It was considered to be one of the most important discoveries in biology in the 20th century. According to many scientists, this is probably one of the most significant discoveries in the world of cosmetology and protein biotechnology. The tertiary decay products of fish Collagen penetrate the extracellular matrix of the skin by stimulating fibroblasts to increase their synthesis of systemic Collagen. No other natural cosmetic in the world possesses such wonderful ability.
Body Empire® BioActive Collagen for skin comes in clear gel form, which is composed of Collagen triple spirals. This natural cosmetic exudes remarkable properties and stimulates fibroblasts’ which are naturally responsible for Collagen production in human body. It perfectly restores the proper level of moisture, smoothes, tightens and firms the skin. When used on a regular basis, it can slow down skin’s natural ageing processes, i.e. the formation of new wrinkles.

The effects of hydration, radiance and tightening of the skin are visible almost instantly, and the effect of lasting improvement of the skin condition is considerably noticeable after a repeated use. The Body Empire’s BioActive Collagen has been declared the most natural anti-ageing cosmetic in the world. Our product has been designed and intended for the most demanding customers who always take good care of their skin and effectively delay its ageing.

In contrast to thousands of other cosmetics, this unique product touches the very nature of the ageing skin’s problem (lack of collagen), rather than simply alleviating the effects and fighting the consequences. Body Empire’s products contain only Collagen extracted from the skin of selected species of fish, caught only in clean waters of natural reservoirs.

Our Collagen is completely natural, without any dyes, fragrances, chemical preservatives or any other artificial additives.


What should you know about collagen?

The word “collagen” derives from Greek, from the word ‘kolla’, meaning “glue” and a suffix – gen which roughly translates into “to give birth, to produce.” Thus, the name Collagen can be understood as “causing to stick” or simply – “sticky.” This fully captures the primary function of Collagen, which is a protein that “glues” cellular components together, therefore leading to the formation of tissues.

Collagen is present in all the organs, serving as a cell binding material. Collagen fibres are incorporated in organ elements and they form complicated structures of outer and inner organic membranes, such as the peritoneum, pleura, pericardium, as well as the following organs: heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, vessels, bones, and the organ of vision and of course the skin.

Human organism contains different forms of Collagen, depending on the organs in which it is to be found. Our skin contains mostly collagen type I, II and IV. Collagen is the main material that builds the skin. 80% of collagen in our body is of type I, 15% of type III and 5% of other types. The type III collagen (so-called “young collagen”) is mostly present in the skin of the foetus, infants and in the healing wounds.

Our body cells are surrounded by an extracellular substance known as “connective tissue.” This substance contains three main groups of biomolecules:

  • Structural proteins (Collagen, Elastin, Fibrillin)
  • Specific proteins
  • Proteoglycans

The basic structural unit of Collagen is Tropocollagen – it has a shape of the rope and a mass of 285kDa.

Collagen is the main protein of the connective tissue. This name stands for the group of fibrous proteins, which are commonly found in organisms of humans and animals. In fact, collagen is the most important protein in the organism, as it constitutes 30% of the total mass of proteins in the human body and as much as 70% of proteins in the skin.

Together with Elastin, it is responsible for the elasticity, firmness and tightness of the skin. It is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. Throughout our whole life, this protein remains in constant circulation known as collagen turnover. The mature Collagen (used, one which has already fulfilled its role) is degraded and it is then immediately replaced through the activity of fibroblasts and chondrocytes. This process gradually slows down once a person reaches the age of 40. The lack of collagen in the skin needs to be complemented by the Collagen from an external source.

Collagen is characterized by a high resistance to mechanical stress (up to 500kg on cm2) – together with other fibres and components of the connective tissue it forms skin structure that is responsible for the durability, elasticity, tightness, tension and firmness. Collagen is a very sensitive substance and its structure can be ruined by UV rays, inadequate hydration and nutrition.


Collagen molecular structure

perfect skin

The distinctive feature of Collagens is that the substantial part of the molecule is formed by a left-hand twisted super helix, which in turn is built of three polypeptide chains that wrap themselves around a common axis (which resembles the shape of a three-strand rope.)The three polypeptide chains that are helically twisted together form a super helix and they constitute the basis of the molecular structure that distinguishes Collagens from other proteins. Responsible for such a spatial structure in the Collagen molecule is the composition of amino-acidic polypeptide chains. An important characteristic of this protein is the repeated sequence of three amino acids. The most often recurring sequence in Collagen is the Gly-Pro-Hyd triplet. The stability of Collagen is assured by hydroxyproline, which requires the constant supply of Vitamin C.


The effect of hormones on collagen synthesis

The following hormones participate in the process of collagen turnover:

  • Thyroid hormones,
  • Estrogens,
  • Androgens,
  • Parathyroid hormone,
  • Growth hormone and growth factors.

These hormones act destructively in collagen turnover process:

  • Adrenal hormones (glucocorticoids),
  • Progesterone and somatostatin.


Dynamic balance

The process of collagen turnover in physiological conditions is disrupted during menopause in women and also in elder men. At that time, the destructive processes begin to outweigh the ones of the collagen reproduction. It begins with the ageing process of soft tissue and bone.

  • The skeletal system starts losing its weight within its matrix. The so-called secondary demineralization occurs. This condition is commonly known as osteoporosis;
  • The vitreous in the eye grows cloudy as a consequence of collagen degradation;
  • The skin is dry and wrinkled;
  • The lack of supporting material causes muscle relaxation;
  • A decrease of living functions of brain, heart, kidneys and liver;
  • The functioning of the gastrointestinal tract occurs;
  • The circulation of extracellular fluid is disrupted.


Collagen and the skin

Natural collagen maintains the correct tension and hydration of the skin. The synthesis of collagen in the skin of adults decreases each year by 1% and disappears at the age of about 45-50 years old. The process of collagen loss is more severe in women. Also, the level of substances that stimulate the natural production of collagen gradually decreases. The regulating factors of collagen metabolism include:

  • Hormones
  • Propeptides released from procollagen
  • Arachidonic acid derivatives
  • Some vitamins such as vitamin C and ions

The effects of collagen loss are the symptoms of ageing, such as:

  • Sagging and thinning skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Dryness and roughness of the skin
  • Loss of natural skin colour


Why do we base our cosmetics on fish collagen?

Animal Collagen is systematically withdrawn from sale due to BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy – mad cow disease). Its place is successfully taken over by Collagen extracted from fish. It exudes much better cosmetic and medicinal properties.

Fish live in the different conditions that vary in terms of temperature, depth and pressure. The Collagen derived from their skin is characterized by a unique chemical and physical “endurance.” The Collagen cosmetics offered by Body Empire® also comprise polypeptides (they can penetrate into the skin), responsible for the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticoagulant action. They enrich the efficiency of Collagen not only in cosmetics.


The bioactive collagen by Body Empire®

The Collagen used in manufacturing Body Empire® cosmetics is extracted exclusively from the fish’s skins, using a completely new technology that enables its extraction without compromising Collagen’s fibrous structure. As a result, this product is biologically very active.
It does not contain any dyes or fragrances; consists solely of active Collagen – a minimum of 12%, and other compounds that are naturally present in every living organism.

  • The product is biologically active, due to the presence of live polypeptides.
  • It is manufactured under sterile conditions, so that it is free of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • It also reduces the possibility of any allergic or intolerance reaction to the cosmetic.

The invention of fish Collagen extraction’s method, which preserves the structure of its triple helix is characteristic only to the proteins of living organisms. It has become one of the most interesting discoveries in biochemistry in the twentieth century. According to many, this is probably one of the world’s greatest discoveries in cosmetology and biotechnology of proteins.

As a result of this work, a unique protein preparation has appeared on the market. It exudes strong recovery properties of the skin, and it is currently efficiently used by a huge number of consumers in many countries around the world. Unlike thousands of other cosmetics, our Collagen products are one of the very few that directly affects the causes of skin ageing (Collagen deficiency), rather than just trying to fight its consequences.

Our BioActive Collagen, thanks to its unique capabilities, creates a protein net on the skin, so that it doesn’t lose moisture, and the skin cells become firmer and stimulated. They begin to produce their own Collagen. The skin becomes smoother and delicate and its elasticity and tension is improved. In a very short time, the skin regains its firmness, elasticity and healthy appearance. Collagen smoothes wrinkles and inhibits the ageing process. In the process of Collagen formation, apart from proteins, peptide chains and free amino acids are formed. The main role of peptides is to facilitate “communication” between cells and to stimulate natural physiological processes in the skin. In addition, polypeptides reinforce the protective coat of the skin, thus preventing the action of harmful factors. Amino acids have the ability to retain moisture – they are a component of the NMF, or Natural Moisturising Factor of the skin. They exude moisturising action and increase the activity hygroscopic of the other components of NMF. Moreover, polypeptides soften and relax skin’s epidermis.


You have to meet the person responsible for the success of the Body Empire’s collagen line: prof. Andrzej Frydrychowski, MD, Ph.D.

Professor Andrzej Frydrychowski is a renowned scientist with several medical degrees. He holds five patents (one of them in assessing brain trauma with non-invasive methods). He won two gold medals for his inventions in Brussels and Geneva and has been a recipient of prestigious Grand Prix award – just to name a few of his remarkable achievements. Professor Frydrychowski is currently the chairman of a scientific council in which he has been researching, creating and improving the world’s most effective anti-ageing preparations. His most spectacular scientific achievements involve a unique method of Collagen extraction that leaves its structure intact. This is a discovery that has revolutionized modern cosmetics industry.

prof. Andrzej Frydrychowski, MD, Ph.D.Professor Frydrychowski began his work on the extraction of active substances from plants and fish at the end of the twentieth century. The research on both the technology of obtaining various active ingredients, as well as on the appropriate raw materials lasted for many years. The aim was to obtain biologically active substances which could be used not only in medicinal products but also in pharmaceuticals and dermo-cosmetics.
Professor Frydrychowski was interested particularly in the fish. Being a passionate diver for many years, he has been to many seas and oceans of the world, where he observed and photographed the underwater world along with its abundant life.

The sea and the ocean remain one of the least understood areas of the Earth. They conceal the magnitude of many unexplained mysteries and secrets. The endless blue water is the source of all life. The Life that captivates natural beauty of fauna and flora meanwhile, the ocean depths are the last unexplored regions on the planet. Besides, the striking fact is that recently, more people have been to the moon than at the bottom of the ocean.

Throughout the years, Professor has closely observed the life of the sea’s inhabitants – from shrimps to species of shark. These observations led to even more focus on the fish. He found out that the fish living in very harsh environment have some regenerative mechanisms, which humans don’t have, or which work much less effectively in humans.

Take, for example, the aspect of wounds treatment. The fish are exposed in their natural environment to frequent injuries. Their skin regenerates very quickly. By observing these natural mechanisms, Professor Frydrychowski came to a pretty obvious conclusion that the skin of the fish has to contain substances that you couldn’t find in the human body, or that they perform less effectively than in the fish.

He decided to isolate the active substances from the skin of different species of fish and then to examine their effects both in the laboratory and in practice.

He suspected that the substance responsible for so well-functioning regenerative repair mechanisms is collagen and its components, as the skin of the fish consists largely of the various types of collagen, which is accompanied by elastin. However, obtaining a biologically active substance has become a real challenge. Not long ago, Collagen was acquired mainly from the remains (waste) of farmed animals, such as pigs, cows, chickens, etc. After all, the use of animal waste from industrial production to extract Collagen has been known for years. One of the problems that arise in the case of Collagen-containing cosmetics and healthcare products is the fact that this sort of Collagen is of a very poor quality. This is partly because it is derived from low-value waste. Another crucial issue is the method of extraction. The solutions which are the most feasible for the industry need to be simple and inexpensive, because only such are widely used on the market. A method that is known by so many of us from their own kitchen had been applied – cooking. It was just like preparing jelly legs at home.

Professor Andrzej Frydrychowski is the first person in the world to discover a method of extracting a whole range of biologically active (live) peptides from the skins of selected fish species. He has developed a significantly unique method of Collagen extraction, which fully retains the structure of this protein. This particularly miraculous method has been applied in the manufacturing of Collagen which we use in our Body Empire® products.

The process of preparing Fish Collagen and small peptides in Collagen extracts which are derived through the use of acids, stimulates certain processes at the cellular and tissue levels. The FCP peptides are responsible for stimulating the production of fibroblasts, procollagen synthesis, and wound healing, as well as immune and hormonal response. These processes can only take place with the presence of active chemical compounds of low molecular weight, which are capable of deep-tissue penetration. The process of wound healing consists of several phases, such as blood clotting, inflammation, re-epithelialization, vascularization, granulation, tissue formation and maturation, which result in scarring. In surgical treatment of wounds, it is essential to facilitate wound healing, so as to restore tissue continuity. It minimizes the scares and restores the proper functioning of the organs.

The first studies and observations of the effects given by the prototype formulations containing biologically active fish collagen have ascertained the Professor that he had hit the bull’s eye with his predictions.
The preparations proved to be very rich in different types of Collagen and their cosmetic effects gave him the absolute certainty that he had been dealing with molecules, which would revolutionize the global cosmetics market and some branches of medicine as well.
Professor Frydrychowski is closely associated with Body Empire® and work that we do.


Short term and long term benefits of using Body Empire® Bioactive Collagen

The significant benefits of using BioActive Collagen:

  • Deeply moisturised and firmer skin
  • Delaying of skin ageing process
  • Significant improvement in immunology, cohesiveness and pigmentation of the skin
  • Shallowing of facial wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones
  • Smoothened and lightened scars, stretch marks and burns
  • Strengthening of flabby skin on breasts, abdomen, buttocks and thighs
  • Better skin care of skin prone to allergies and acne
  • Regeneration of nails

Immediate effects – right after application and absorption of the gel:

  • Gentle sensation of cooling and soothing of the skin. Such effects are particularly felt by people with dry and tense skin, and after mechanical peel
  • A soft, suitably matte film remains on the skin. It protects against external factors causing dehydration and rapid skin ageing
  • Most of people who use the cosmetic confirm that it gives a clear feeling of increased hydration of the epidermis


Effects after the one-time application of the cosmetic:

  • Skin careWhen applied in the morning (before the make-up) it causes the skin to maintain its good condition all day long, and the makeup retains its good appearance for several hours
  • Applied before the evening out it gently lifts the skin of the face, neck and around the eyes by smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles
  • When applied to swollen and tired eyes, it pleasantly cools and reduces or even completely eliminates these ailments


Effects after long-term use of Bioactive Collagen (4-6 weeks of regular use):

  • Increased tension and smoothness of the skin
  • Less visible wrinkles and blood vessels
  • Reached the optimum level of properly moisturised skin
  • Reduced tendency of skin inflammation
  • Improved skin’s microscultpure
  • Improved skin’s biochemical parameters
  • Shallows wrinkles

BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN relieves minor irritations caused by the action of water and detergent cleaning agents, as well as agents used for the treatment of skin during cosmetic procedures, such as peeling. It is responsible for positive impact on the overall appearance, i.e. it improves facial contours and improves the clarity of the contour of the eye. It clearly improves hydration and firmness of the skin, so that it becomes more resistant to fatigue and periodic declines in its overall condition. After regular use of cosmetics from Body Empire® Collagen Line, a clear and sustainable improvement of skin’s hydration has been achieved.

The following biochemical parameters of skin are improved thanks to using the BioActive Collagen:

  • Firmness
  • Elasticity of the epidermis
  • Total skin’s flexibility
  • Plasticity
  • Self-flexibility

collagenApart from the previously mentioned benefits that come from using native fish Collagen–based products, the substance can also be used in reducing bone pain, which is why it is sometimes used in supporting joint pain treatment. This effect is accomplished thanks to polypeptides, which are known for pain relieving action.

Collagen (in dietary supplements) can also help in fighting osteoporosis. This disease affects a large segment of the population and is primarily characterised by the nerve constriction in the spinal cord that is caused by reduced spaces between bones. All this leads to an indescribable pain, which is usually treated by high-calcium intake. The most common way of treating osteoporosis involves bone matrix replacement. Though, recent studies have shown that amino acids and polypeptides found in the native fish Collagen are capable of increased biosynthesis of human natural Collagen in bone matrix, which benefits from added phosphorus and Calcium. This allows much faster bone reconstruction and consequently the alleviation of ailments.
Last but not least, Acne Treatment can be greatly facilitated thanks to the use of natural collagen. The main causes of Acne are the insufficient exfoliation in epidermis and increased activity of sebaceous glands. Thanks to its acidic pH that can act as the kind of “protective coat” for Acne-affected skin, Collagen proves to be a perfect remedy for that problem. Since collagen also has low pH, it acts anti-bacterial as well.

The fish Collagen used in Body Empire® products has confirmed hydrophilic properties, which mean that upon application onto the skin, thin protein net is created that can absorb as well as retain water along with lipid substances. This is the main reason why our BioActive Collagen shows such powerful moisturising properties. The ultimate effect of using Collagen-based products is removal of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevention in the creation of the new ones. The effects will be visible just after few days of applying these products. The skin treated with Body Empire® Collagen products becomes clearly smoother, more elastic – it simply feels younger and fresher.

For the best effect of this Collagen treatment, an everyday application is recommended.

Collagen can also be used on the scalp, where it can strengthen hair and prevent it from falling out or premature greying.


Collagen – how does it work?

Collagen supports and connects bodily tissue such as bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles, and keeps the body from falling apart. Collagen works with elastin to give strength and firmness to the body’s tissues. Moreover, Collagen keeps the skin firm, flexible, tight and youthful-looking. The production of Collagen in the skin leads to a more youthful appearance.

Collagen works by plumping up the skin, restoring its elasticity and making it firmer and more flexible due to its fibrous and highly stable structure. The wrinkles are plumped up by the Collagen and become far less noticeable.