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Marketing strategyIn the subject of dietary supplements many myths arose – it lead to suspicions whether they are necessary, whether they are healthy, if they cause any side effects. What is the truth? Are dietary supplements the important and essential support in dieting and training? Or is it just a cheap marketing scheme? Let’s review some facts!

The same rules apply to dietary supplements as to sweets. You can consume a homemade, natural millet pudding with fresh blueberries and raspberries, sweetened with high quality honey. You will deliver pleasure to your taste buds, as well as, a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals. You can also choose a candy bar from a shop, which composition info barely fits the packaging; the amount of preservatives, artificial colorants and many more ingredients of suspicious quality never seems to end. Theoretically, both of these examples are a sweet snack, but they are substantially different. The same rule applies to dietary supplements. You can find these, which build bad reputation to every diet supporting substance. We mean the supplements, which have substances unnecessary for the organism in their composition, or which demand was artificially created, for example: supplements for picky eaters, for heavy legs, for excess water storage, for heat-waves, for stress. The list does not end. Meanwhile good supplements, these surely exist, are the natural diet support and deliver necessary nutrients. It is high time to dispel the false accusations – here are the facts and myths of dietary supplements.


What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplementsDietary supplements are substances enhancing the diet in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, which because of various reasons are not delivered with diet. Obvious is the fact, that supplements should not replace healthy diet and proper nutrition, although undoubtedly nearly impossible is delivering all necessary nutrients only from foods.



  • Supplements are necessary – TRUTH!

Diet of majority of the society is not proper. We eat too few fruits and even fewer vegetables. Physicians and dieticians underline the importance of eating 5 portions of vegetables and fruits daily. Hardly anyone is able to introduce so many portions into their diet.

  • Lifestyle has an impact on absorption of vitamins and minerals – TRUTH!

Lack of sleep, constant stress, lack of psychical activity, nicotine, ingesting caffeine, excess of alcohol consumption – our lifestyle has an enormous influence on whether we absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from the food.

  • Vegetables and fruits lose their nutritional value even before they reach our plates – TRUTH!

Colorful dietFood loses a part of their values during transportation, storage, peeling, watering and heat treatment. As a result, even when huge amounts of fruits and vegetables are eaten, we do not deliver as much nutrients as we think.

  • Dietary supplements can be natural – TRUTH!

Harmful common knowledge about dietary supplements is the assumption: healthy and natural food or artificial and unhealthy supplements. Such radical points of view are improper and deceitful. We can find food, which does more harm than good, leading to the development of civilization diseases. There are completely natural dietary supplements, which not only have no harmful effect on the body, but also are the great support for the organism.



  • Dietary supplements can replace drugs – FALSE!

Dietary supplements are designed to support diet. They are not suited for curing diseases like pneumonia or osteoporosis.

  • Balanced diet makes dietary supplements redundant – FALSE!

Due to the report “People and dietary supplements”, only around 10-15% of British has properly balanced, healthy diet. The other part has deficiencies of various kinds, for example: vitamin A, D or magnesium. Often they are not diagnosed, but suspected – the organism is not in the best condition, various kinds of health dysfunctions occur, but without proper tests we cannot know, what causes worsened state of mind and poor health.

  • Vitamins in form of supplements can be overdosed – FALSE! (Only in case of natural dietary supplements)

If we want to replenish the deficiency of vitamin C and we ingest natural wild rose supplement overdosing is impossible. Natural component, occurring in nature, without chemical substances, preservatives and enhancers is a guarantee of safety and it can be ingested without the risk of overdose.

  • It is hard to find natural = safe supplements – FALSE!

There are safe supplementsYou do not have to be an expert on the subject. You do not have to be familiar with complicated markings, Latin-sounding names of components and other unclear compositions. It is worth to follow the simplest rules: gain only from what nature created, seek simple solutions and do not believe in promised so-called golden apples. Natural supplements are real! Searching for these products, we should not believe producers that promise, for example losing 20kg in 2 weeks. We should follow our common sense and remember that, good, natural supplements support diet and physical activity, accelerate achievement of results, augment the body and fill the deficiencies, but they will be insufficient if we do not lead a healthy, hygienic lifestyle.


Subject of dietary supplements can create suspicions, but as always – there are very good products and these of poor quality. However, it is worth to research the subject and find these products of good composition, which are a realistic support of diet and training. Today, a well balanced, fulfilling every need of the organism diet is very hard to achieve, that is why dietary supplements are necessary. Let’s look for healthy and natural supplements, because they also exist.