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  • Get rid of the additional
    adipose tissue

  • Remove the
    hypodermic water

  • Lower the sweet

  • Support physical


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Effective influence of the product is due to 15 active components, among
others red chilli pepper, gurmar, green tea, nettle, vitamin D and chromium.

Fat tissue burning

This supplement allows to burning even 750 kcal in 24h. In combination with physical activity and healthy diet, Body Empire’s® fat burner delivers spectacular results.

Lowering the sweet cravings

Chromium, present in the product, enhances the activity of insulin, controlling the blood glucose level, which effectively diminishes the craving for sweets and eliminates sudden hunger.

Accelerating the metabolism

Thanks to the addition of caffeine, burner Body Empire® stimulates calorie burning. Supplying caffeine before meal additionally lowers the feeling of hunger.

Purifying the organism out of toxins

Body Fat Burner exhibits antioxidant properties, and thanks to that, it protects our organism from the influence of free radicals.

Add Energy

Raise your workout to a higher level

Get rid of the hated love handles


To everyone, who want to regain proper body weight,

accelerate the fat tissue burning and support metabolism, as well as beneficially affect the guts and functioning of the digestive system.

To people, who want to limit eating sweets,

lower the appetite and minimalize the amount of calories ingested. Body Empire’s® burner helps in maintaining proper blood sugar level, thanks to that sudden hungers and sweet craving are highly limited.

To those, who care about good physical shape,

healthy body and boosting the immune and nervous systems. Body Fat Burner influences the healthy look of skin, hair and nails, protects the organism from the disastrous activities of free radicals and helps to maintain focus and concentration.

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100% SAFE

Meets the standards of safe supplementation allowing it to be sold in European Union. It is manufactured in certified laboratories, working with procedures like HACCP and GMP.


Body Fat Burner allows to burn even 750kcal in 24h when included in mild physical workout. Used regularly achieved results are phenomenal. All of these are due to 15 unique active compounds, which synergistic activity leads to accelerated fat tissue burning.


Before releasing to the market, Body Empire’s® products are being strictly tested in independent laboratories. Body Fat Burner was created with the use of only natural, which equals safe, components.

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Customers opinion

Natural components

Body Empire’s burner is a unique composition of natural components, which synergistic effect has a great influence on reduction of additional kilograms.

No yo-yo effect

Body Empire’s® burner allows not only to effectively burn fat tissue, but also improves metabolism and due to this fact there is no yo-yo effect afterwards.



  • Stimulates the carbohydrate oxidation process;
  • Helps in maintaining the proper body mass after the weight loss
  • Exhibits antioxidative properties – protects the organism from free radicals;


  • Lowers the appetite for sugary products;
  • Enhances the process of weight loss through lowering the appetite, which has an effect on daily calorie intake;
  • Helps in maintaining the healthy blood sugar level.


  • Enhances weight loss;
  • Maintains the healthy level of blood cholesterol, enhances the metabolism of lipids;
  • Detoxifies the organism through enhancing the water excretion by kidneys;


  • Stimulates digestive and excretory processes;
  • Helps in organism detoxification through elevated kidney water excretion.

Green Tea

  • Lowers the appetite;
  • Stimulates the digestive and excretory processes;
  • Helps in organism detoxification through elevated kidney water excretion.


  • Beneficially affects the growth and healthy state of skin, hair and nails;
  • Enhances the healthy functioning of immune system;
  • Helps in organism detoxification through elevated kidney water excretion.


  • Reduces the feeling of fatigue during physical activity - increases the physical stamina;
  • Helps to improve focus and concentration;
  • Increases the speed of reaction.


  • Helps in maintaining healthy blood glucose level;
  • Enhances the healthy metabolism of micronutrients


  • Helps in maintaining the proper body mass;
  • Beneficially affects the healthy hair growth;
  • Helps in organism detoxification through elevated kidney water excretion.


  • Helps in maintaining the proper body mass;
  • Enhances the metabolism by stimulating the process of fat burning;
  • Enhances the healthy functioning of bowels.

Vitamin B6

  • Enhances the healthy functioning of immune system;
  • Maintains the healthy functioning of nervous system;
  • Beneficially affects the regulation of hormonal activity.

Vitamin D

  • Helps in proper muscle functioning;
  • Enhances the healthy functioning of immune system;
  • Helps in maintaining bones and teeth in a healthy state.

Vitamin E

  • Protects the cells from oxidative stress;
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular system disorders development;
  • Helps in organism detoxification.

Chlorogenic Acid

  • Organic chemical compound, one of the polyphenols. This ingredient naturally is present in coffee and plums. It has a really distinctive taste.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

  • An acetyl derivative of an endogenous amino acid L-Tyrosine, which is a component of proteins. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, unlike L-tyrosine, dissolves in water perfectly.

Why our product

Is better than others?

Body Fat Burner is a unique product, which activity depends only on natural and safe components. Our products are exhibiting highest standards of safe supplementation, which allows them to be sold in European Union. They are produced in certified laboratories working using HACCP and GMP procedures.

Body Empire’s® burner is a safe and especially effective solution – it allows to burn 750kcal in 24h included in mild physical exercise.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is using Body Fat Burner healthy?

    Fat burners shouldn’t be mistaken for steroids or other illegal drugs, which are sometimes used by professional athletes in order to boost training results. Of course, it is a diet supplement, used mainly by people frequently attending the gym and people favouring the cardio workout type.

    Only natural compounds, which are the feature of best fat burners – makes the Body Fat Burner 100% safe. Our product consists of 15 natural ingredients. Which are for example: chilli pepper, caffeine, vitamin D, artichoke, gurmar, fennel, green tea and nettle. It’s a perfect complementation of a diet for physically active.

  • What are the real advantages of using Body Fat Burner?

    1. Causes the adipose tissue burning;

    2. Contributes to healthy functioning of digestive system;

    3. Reduces sweet tooth;

    4. Maintains the proper blood sugar level;

    5. Maintains proper cholesterol level;

    6. Supports the weight loss process through lowering appetite, which in result has an effect on calorie intake;

    7. Stimulates the process of digesting and excreting;

    8. Enhances the metabolism through fatty acid burning stimulation;

    9. Stimulates the carbohydrate oxidising process;

    10. Contributes to healthy functioning of guts;

    11. Lowering the feeling of fatigue after and during physical exercise;

    12. Helps to maintain proper body weight and prevents yo-yo effect;

    13. Contributes to purifying the organism out of toxins through increasing the water excretion;

    14. Has a beneficial effect on proper metabolism of micro components.

  • Is the Body Fat Burner a great way of supporting my workouts?

    Body Fat Burner is not only meant to reduce adipose tissue, but – what is important for athletes – in a significant way increases stamina, intensifies the training and gives additional power. It enables doing a longer and more demanding workout, significantly increasing activity. That’s why people regularly attending the gym sooner or later are interested in Body Fat Burner and includes it in their diet.

    Incontestable advantage of Body Fat Burner are good, but what is the most important, long lasting effects – metabolism accelerates, fatty tissue is being burned more intensively in comparison to diet and training only. It is also worth mentioning, that after using Body Fat Burner there’s no yo-yo effect, which is an often-occurring effect of improper and harmful pseudo diets.

  • Is there a way of successful fat burning?

    In the process of adipose tissue burning one should take on account the importance of diet and exercise. The main factor behind getting in proper shape is mostly what a person eats and whether he or she exercises. Moreover, it is widely known that during physical activity calories are being burned, but even the effects of the best fat burning workout can be diminished by improperly composed diet. Admittedly, it becomes more common for the dieticians to put together diet plans backed up by laboratory results. Nonetheless, even without proper tests, the person aiming to burn adipose tissue can significantly ease the way to achieving brilliant physique through excluding harmful foods and replacing them with healthy equivalents. As it turns out, the best friend of unwanted fatty tissue is the highly processed food, like sweets. Body Fat Burner can solve this problem. Its composition lowers the appetite and craving for sweets and also elevates the metabolism of fatty acids.

    So, instead of wrecking spectacular effects of Body Fat Burner with bad habits, one should additionally enhance the results with proper diet and effective training. With these three elements: Diet, Training and Body Fat Burner our path to physique of our dreams will be much shorter and without frustration.

  • Are there any effective ways to lower appetite?

    An obstacle in achieving healthy and athletic physique are minor sins, the frequent ones are snacking and eating too much sweets. Body Fat Burner can be helpful to overcome aspects like, sudden hunger and sweet craving. The content of chromium and green tea is especially affecting the lowering of appetite and sweet tooth. Chromium stabilizes glucose-insulin balance, so it helps in regulating the sugar level. As we all know, the blood sugar level jumps are the culprit of sweet cravings and snacking. That’s why, Body Fat Burner is advised even for people, who took on a diet, but for many reasons are unable to incorporate physical exercise in their plan.

    Summing up, fat burners – these with natural components, tested and safe – are the effective way of boosting the diet. What is interesting, using Body Fat Burner by itself is contributing to burning up to 750 calories in 24h, and additionally including a healthy, balanced diet and regular psychical exercise will deliver spectacular effects.