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About us

Who we are?

Body Empire® is a known producer of dietary supplements and cosmetics made only using natural components of the highest quality. We supply only top-shelf products to our clients – tested, effective, fully safe and natural. Process of production of our products is supervised by international team working in the most modern laboratories, using the latest techniques, creating products, not only significantly effective, but entirely safe. Every single one of our products is subjected to several months testing and examinations in order to supply our clients with a product of the highest quality and promoting quick beneficial results. As Body Empire® we believe, that effective supplements and cosmetics mostly can be produced from natural sources. We prove, that we are not made to choose between the spectacular effects and safety of the product and its natural components, which are easily absorbed by the human organism.

International Team of specialists.

Body Empire® is the combined effort and work of international specialists – professor, doctors, biotechnologists, lab technicians, dieticians and personal trainers, to whom quality and effectiveness of our products is the number one priority. We’re testing our products in a few independent laboratories in EU, to be sure, that we distribute products of the highest quality. Group of experienced experts are taking care, so that every client’s expectations are met. These are obvious – they are looking for safe, natural, as well as, effective products, which show results in a short time period.

Safe and natural products.

Our top priority is supplying only tested and safe solutions, which can be provided by supplements and cosmetics produced from natural components. Before realising the product into distribution, they are subjected to variety of examinations and rigorous tests in certified laboratories, which are working in HACCP and GMP procedures. Each one of them is a unique combination of plant extracts, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, every Body Empire® cosmetic line is based on innovative technology and top quality bioactive components. Taking everything into account, Body Empire® products fulfil the highest standards of supplementation, and this is why they are 100% safe. What is more, Body Empire® refrains from any form of animal testing.

Best investment in health, appearance and condition.

Supplementing the diet with Body Empire’s® products, you’re delivering valuable minerals and vitamins to your organism, which are necessary in everyday diet. Healthy, strong hair and nails, nourished skin, accelerated fat burning process, maintaining slim silhouette without yo-yo effect, inhibition of aging of the organism are merely some advantages of using Body Empire® supplements. Moreover, our cosmetics were designed with the use of top-shelf quality Fish Collagen, Ectoin and Matrixyl known for its regenerative and reparative properties. Thanks to that, skin becomes healthier, more nourished and its young appearance lasts longer. Natural, well absorbed components of our products contribute to achieving of spectacular effects. Effectiveness of Body Empire® products is proved by many scientific researches and we take full responsibility for their safety.

Solid and certain results.

One of main Body Empire® products – Body Fat Burner – provides burning of 750kcal in 24h with mediocre physical activity. With additional balanced diet and exercise, we can achieve spectacular results. Another product – Body ReBeauty – which is responsible for keeping the skin, hair and nails in great condition. After a month of using the product, the first results can be observed. Using our another product – Natural Vitamin C – you get the highest dose of natural vitamin C available on the market, which is 630 mg in one capsule. Next, with Anti-Cellulite Slimming Serum you can overcome, a common problem, cellulite. Body Empire® cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and dietary supplements is a result of searching for the most effective solutions, because we are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our products.

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