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Prof. Andrzej Frydrychowski, MD, PH. D.

Prof. Andrzej Frydrychowski

Professor Andrzej Frydrychowski is a renowned scientist with several medical degrees. He holds five patents (one of them in assesing brain trauma with non-invasive methods). He won two gold medals for his inventions in Brussels and Geneva and has been a recipient of prestigious Grand Prix award – just to name a few of his remarkable achievements. Professor Frydrychowski is currently the chairman of a scientific council in which he has been researching, creating and improving the world’s most effective anti-ageing preparations. His most spectacular scientific achievements involve a unique method of Collagen extraction that leaves its structure intact. This is a discovery that has revolutionized modern cosmetics industry.

Professor Frydrychowski began his work on the extraction of active substances from plants and fish at the end of the twentieth century. The research on both the technology of obtaining various active ingredients, as well as on the appropriate raw materials lasted for many years. The aim was to obtain biologically active substances which could be used not only in medicinal products but also in pharmaceuticals and dermo-cosmetics.

Professor Frydrychowski was interested particularly in the fish. Being a passionate diver for many years, he has been to many seas and oceans of the world, where he observed and photographed the underwater world along with its abundant life.

The sea and the ocean remain one of the least understood areas of the Earth. They conceal the magnitude of many unexplained mysteries and secrets. The endless blue water is the source of all life. The Life that captivates natural beauty of fauna and flora meanwhile, the ocean depths are the last unexplored regions on the planet. Besides, the striking fact is that recently, more people have been to the moon than at the bottom of the ocean.

Throughout the years, Professor has closely observed the life of the sea’s inhabitants - from shrimps to species of shark. These observations led to even more focus on the fish. He found out that the fish living in very harsh environment have some regenerative mechanisms, which humans don't have, or which work much less effectively in humans.

Take, for example, the aspect of wounds treatment. The fish are exposed in their natural environment to frequent injuries. Their skin regenerates very quickly. By observing these natural mechanisms, Professor Frydrychowski came to a pretty obvious conclusion that the skin of the fish has to contain substances that you couldn’t find in the human body, or that they perform less effectively than in the fish.

He decided to isolate the active substances from the skin of different species of fish and then to examine their effects both in the laboratory and in practice.

He suspected that the substance responsible for so well-functioning regenerative repair mechanisms is collagen and its components, as the skin of the fish consists largely of the various types of collagen, which is accompanied by elastin. However, obtaining a biologically active substance has become a real challenge. Not long ago, Collagen was acquired mainly from the remains (waste) of farmed animals, such as pigs, cows, chickens, etc. After all, the use of animal waste from industrial production to extract Collagen has been known for years. One of the problems that arise in the case of Collagen-containing cosmetics and healthcare products is the fact that this sort of Collagen is of a very poor quality. This is partly because it is derived from low-value waste. Another crucial issue is the method of extraction. The solutions, which are the most feasible for the industry need to be simple and inexpensive, because only such are widely used on the market. A method that is known by so many of us from their own kitchen had been applied – cooking. It was just like preparing jelly legs at home.

Professor Andrzej Frydrychowski is the first person in the world to discover a method of extracting a whole range of biologically active (live) peptides from the skins of selected fish species. He has developed a significantly unique method of Collagen extraction, which fully retains the structure of this protein. This particularly miraculous method has been applied in the manufacturing of Collagen which we use in our Body Empire® products.

The process of preparing Fish Collagen and small peptides in Collagen extracts which are derived through the use of acids, stimulates certain processes at the cellular and tissue levels. The FCP peptides are responsible for stimulating the production of fibroblasts, procollagen synthesis, and wound healing, as well as immune and hormonal response. These processes can only take place with the presence of active chemical compounds of low molecular weight, which are capable of deep-tissue penetration. The process of wound healing consists of several phases, such as blood clotting, inflammation, re-epithelialization, vascularization, granulation, tissue formation and maturation, which results in scarring. In surgical treatment of wounds, it is essential to facilitate wound healing, so as to restore tissue continuity. It minimizes the scares and restores the proper functioning of the organs.

The first studies and observations of the effects given by the prototype formulations containing biologically active fish collagen have ascertained the Professor that he had hit the bull's eye with his predictions.

The preparations proved to be very rich in different types of Collagen and their cosmetic effects gave him the absolute certainty that he had been dealing with molecules, which would revolutionize the global cosmetics market and some branches of medicine as well.

Professor Frydrychowski is closely associated with Body Empire® and work that we do.


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