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Izabela Załęska, MD, PH. D.

In 2012 Izabela Zaleska Ph.D. took an scientific patronage over the production of Body Empire® cosmetics under the name Rosacea Line and Psoriasis Line. She strictly monitors formulas she created, and the laboratory analyses are under her control. She supervises the production and results of the laboratory work.  



Ph.D. Izabela Zaleska is the University of Lodz graduate. She earned Ph.D. in health science at Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University.

Currently, she serves as the dean of Health Science Faculty at the Malopolska Higher Vocational School of Joseph Dietl in Krakow, and she is a vice – director of Institute of Cosmetology at the Podhalanska Public Higher Vocational School in Nowy Targ.

She trains and lectures doctors of the post-graduate studies in combining the medical and cosmetic issues. She is an author of numerous publications concerning cosmetology and repeatedly appears as a guest in TV and radio programs advising as an expert in cosmetology field.

“Since my childhood I struggled with affecting skin problems: atopic dermatitis, skin sensitivity in external and internal factors was causing the discomfort and made my childhood less enjoyable. Pretty soon I noticed that beyond the medical treatment, the adequate skin care is of crucial importance. My own experience strengthened my decision of helping other people to choose alleviating skin disease products and this became my life goal and has shaped my professional life years later.            

I frequently meet with patients who experience tremendous discomfort of skin changes. In many cases, it is impossible to conceal the changes, which has an impact on patient’s life. Based on interviews, it can be concluded, that this kind of experience affects the family life as well. These observations just strengthened my determination to devote my time and energy to improve someone’s look and self – confidence.

For many years I have been looking for products that were consistent with the medical treatment, extend remission of changes, and keep the patient’s skin in overall good condition. I have been looking for such dermo-cosmetics that ensure patient’s safe treatment and bring expected relief. After years of research, the idea of creating my own line of cosmetics came to life. They are safe, efficient and based on newly discovered components in line with the latest achievements of dermatology and cosmetology.

During one of my trips to London I learnt about Body Empire - British company and cosmetics manufacturer which professional approach to preparations and its responsibility for producing safe cosmetics caught my attention and gained my recognition. We spend hours on discussions about safe yet effective dermo-cosmetics of the highest international standards, and I decided to get involved. I supervised the production on the practical and substantive level to increase the quality of products. I had spent lots of time in a laboratory controlling the results of research before the new line of cosmetics came into existence.

Due to this research, new line of cosmetics is dedicated to people who struggle with a broad-spectrum of skin changes like Rosacea, Acne, Bacterial Acne, Sensitive Skin, Atopic Skin or Psoriasis. At the end, the highest quality dermo-cosmetics line was created supported by dermatologic tests and laboratory analysis.

I am highly satisfied with the fact that both patients and doctors have a chance to use the best products based on the modern scientific thought that improve the skin condition and the comfort of life as well.”

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