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About Us

Body Empire® is an exclusive brand of Collagen-based and Dermo-cosmetics developed by international team of specialists. Body Empire® uses innovative technology and hi-tech bioactive ingredients in its manufacturing process. Combined together they provide us with truly ground breaking results. Ingredients we use include natural Bioactive Collagen, Ectoin and Matrixyl known for their skin regenerating and repairing properties.

While our constant investment in scientific research results in highest quality and effectiveness of our products we continuously strive to improve and develop new innovative technologies, design and create new lines of products.

All of Body Empire® skin care lines give you healthier, better nourished skin that stays younger for longer. Our philosophy is simple: You have to look good, to feel good. This is why Body Empire® has dedicated its time and effort to provide you with the best solution for your skin problem. We wanted to improve the quality of people’s lives, therefore after many years of research and testing we have achieved our two main goals: High performance and fast results.

High Performance:

Body Empire® gives you innovative technology, latest hi-tech active ingredients, rigorous product testing in many different laboratories in Europe and finally clinically designed Dermo – cosmetic.

Fast Results:

Due to the latest ground breaking technology we use, you don’t have to wait for months to see the results. Body Empire’s products start working instantly. The difference can be felt straight away and improvement is seen after just few days of continuous application. Results are clinically proven.

Body Empire® bases all the products on natural ingredients and all of our cosmetics are hypoallergenic and Paraben-free. Body Empire® refrains from any form of animal testing.

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