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Welcome to Body Empire® - Cosmetics Manufacturer

Body Empire® is a recognized cosmetics manufacturer that offers a wide and extremely effective series of products based on Natural Bioactive Collagen and Ectoin (Collagen Line). Developed by scientists and designed by Body Empire® using innovative technology, ready to be placed in your hands, the finished product: Rosacea Line of dermatologically designed cosmetics. Our products have been specially prepared for people affected by Rosacea but are also recommended as the highest quality cosmetics for sensitive or atopic skin. Body Empire® partnered with dermatologists and clinicians, to pioneer a three-stage treatment based on innovative yet natural substances, which instantly reduce and prevent symptoms of Psoriasis (Psoriasis Line).

The thought which has been guiding us since the beginning, is the belief that everyone deserves to have beautiful and healthy skin. Our comprehensive range of best quality products is addressed to all people - regardless of the age, sex, or dermatological issues. Owing to innovative technology we use at Body Empire®, we can assure you - you will be able to take care of your skin perfectly no matter which skin condition you suffer from. Additionally, the results will be visible just after the first use!

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Collagen Line

Collagen Line

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Bioactive Collagen 50ml

£45.00 £55.00
Collagen Line

Collagen Line

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Eye Contour Elixir 15ml

£38.50 £45.00
Collagen Line

Collagen Line

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Moisturising Cream (Day) 50ml

£48.00 £55.00
Collagen Line

Collagen Line

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Anti-Cellulite Slimming Serum 250ml

£40.00 £45.00
Collagen Line

Collagen Line

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Ultra-Moisturising Body Balm 250ml

£35.00 £40.00
Collagen Line

Collagen Line

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Regenerating Cream (Night) 50ml

£49.00 £58.00

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Definitions and Facts

All about Rosacea

All about Rosacea

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All about Psoriasis

All about Psoriasis

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All about Collagen

All about Collagen

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What they say about us

As a person with very sensitive skin I can’t use just anything. Body Empire’s Rosacea Line works perfect for me. My face is nourished, hydrated and has far fewer brake-outs then before. Simply the best!

Lauren Biggs
nurse, London

I started using Anti-Cellulite Slimming Serum to tackle my orange peel problem three weeks ago and I’m amazed by the results! Not only my skin feels firmer and smoother, I also noticed reduction in cellulite I thought I’ll never get rid of! Thank you Body Empire!

Gemma Thompson
IT consultant, Leeds

My absolute favourite is Body Empire’s Eye Contour Elixir. I can finally say bye, bye to dark circles around my eyes.

Sam Collins
PA, Buckinghamshire

I bought BioActive Collagen for my mum who constantly complains about her wrinkles, but after noticing how amazing the results were I got one for myself too! Absolutely amazing!

Ashley Jones
receptionist, London

I use Body Empire’s 3-step program for Psoriasis and it is the first treatment that actually helped me. It feels and looks healthier for the first time in ages.

Phil Johnson
Engeneer, Manchester

I started using Body Empire Antibacterial Tonic after developing skin allergy and it works wonders! Allergy is gone and my face feels cleaner and clearer.

Paul Christos
teacher, Ipswich

Set of 5 from Bioactive Collagen Line was given to me recently as a birthday gift and since then I’ve been using it religiously. I love the way my skin feels now. Results are unbelievable!

Mary Ann Bowman
secretary, York

It does exactly what it says on the box! (on Acne Treatment)

Mark Wise
Engineer, London

I absolutely love the Scrub from Body Empire Collagen Range! It not only does the job, but also smells amazing!

Amira Khan
Beautician, Leeds

Psoriasis Line works for me. The results are visible almost instantly and the discomfort and itching is gone. Great treatment. When I started using it I didn’t expect such quick results.

Maria Ramirez
florist, Bristol

Ultra-Moisturising Body Balm from Body Empire is fantastic for my dry skin. I use it twice a day on my legs and arms and my skin feels firmer, smoother and has an amazing healthy glow.

Elle Reid
personal trainer, London

I was really amazed by the results. Acne Treatment really works!

Barbara Higgins
pharmacist, Portsmouth

I love Body Empire’s Moisturising and Regenerating Creams! They do exactly what I expect them to do for my skin.

Christina Capuano
teacher, Manchester

I had Acne Rosacea since my late twenties and nothing has worked for me as well and fast as Body Empire’s Rosacea Line. I noticed real improvement just after one week of application, Awesome!

Mike Houston
Graphic designer, London

BioActive Collagen from Body Empire is a miracle in a jar.

Lauren Jenkins
PA, London
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